oldschool_vinc’s ARK Tool

oldschool_vinc’s ARK Tool

This program allows you to make your ARK life easier. The many built-in functions replace the need for different programs – it’s all in one software.


  • Change your INI with just one click
  • 3 Preload INIs
  • The possibility to store and load your own custom INI
  • Built-in auto-clicker
  • Built in crosshair
  • Choose between 8 different preinstalled crosshairs
  • Use your own crosshair
  • PlayerWatch – Monitor other players with PlayerWatch. You can monitor ingame specific players on selected servers for their online status
  • ServerWatch: Display all players on your server in real time
  • Custom recipe calculator
  • Timer: Which you can see ingame
  • Always up2date through the built-in selfupdater

System requirements

oldschool_vinc’s ARK Tool
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